The appointments for Dental Implant


Consulting appointment

This is the first session that we discuss implants with the patient.

In this appointment, you will fill out a questionnaire about your expectations from this treatment and your medical history.

After the questionnaire, it’s time for oral examinations. In this step your hygiene, remaining teeth and gum health, bone condition, and your gums in the edentulous area will be examined carefully.

To study teeth condition and also to create a guide for the surgery, we need a model of your teeth. Therefore, we will get an impression of your upper and lower jaw in this appointment. Using this model, everything will be measured and studied carefully.

Furthermore, we will discuss possible treatment plans, briefly discuss the costs, and order 3D scans. It is to be noted that a 3D scan is mandatory for successful implant treatment and an OPG is not enough.

In this appointment, we will take pictures of your teeth and smile which is not only useful during the treatment but also for comparing your condition before and after the treatment process.

You can view some samples of a scan here. 

Treatment plan appointment

This appointment is free of charge

In this session, we will discuss your results and treatment plan(s) which is based on your analysis. We will also discuss advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

You will also be given consent form, treatment plans, and payment methods all in printed papers.

There is no need to decide in this session. You will have enough time to make a decision in the following days and you can call us when you have decided.

Surgery appointment

Before the surgery we will review your treatment process and give some antibiotics. You will be given a consent letter, which you will read carefully and ask your questions. Finally, having read all the form, you will sign it. 

A local anaesthesia would be injected and you will have to wait for it to take effect. The new local anaesthetics are stronger and work more effectively.

Placing an implant is a simple procedure, usually without any pain and with minimal bleeding.

After finishing the surgery, we’ll give you instructions on what you need to know and then you are free to go.

Check-up appointments

Usually, the first appointment for a check-up is a week after the surgery and then the next appointments will take place on a monthly basis. We may need new radiographs in some sessions.

Final impression appointment

This appointment is usually 2 to 6 months after the surgery and there is usually no need for local anaesthesia.

Placing the prosthesis

This is usually 3 weeks after the Final impression appointment in which your new teeth would be placed on your implants.

This can happen in two ways:

For anterior teeth, a foundation would be placed on the implant and then the crown would be cemented on it to get a better look.

For posterior teeth – for the ease of next steps - the crown would be screwed straight onto the implant.

Check-up appointments after placing the crown

The next session is a month after placing the crown. In this appointment, we will examine the health condition of your gums.

The next check-up sessions are 3 and 12 months later, involving some new radiographs to check the bone condition around the implant. After this, implant check-ups are simultaneous with your regular dental examinations.